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I have had chronic pain since childhood from an auto accident and at 21, I was beginning to think my life was always going to be clouded by this intense amount of pain. I started going to see Mike and a little over a year later I can safely say that I have never felt this good.  Mike and Sean have helped me to get my life back.

- Casey Spear

Postural Restoration really works! Thank you Elise and Katie!

- Gerry Hardy

As a client of Dr. John Earls, I have experienced his professionalism, good humor, empathy and intelligence.  His knowledgeable recommendations are helping me pursue my goals toward postural restoration.

- Ruth Scriptunas


Fabulous care and has expertise in his field.  His interns also have been trained well and are very effective.  Mobility is back without pain!  Feel absolutely better.

- Mary Ann Johnson


Johnny and Katie were great.  It’s nice to graduate. 

– Harry Quick


I greatly appreciate the competency and focus of the Transitions team in getting me back to healthy and normal as safely and soon as possible.

- Samuel Smith


I don't think you'll ever understand how thoroughly you're changing my life Sean! I'm beyond grateful and so utterly at a loss for how I can ever thank you or even articulate the difference you're making in my life. Wow!

Chloe Kogan

They all made PT fun! 

- Hanna Boise


Katie is wonderful! She understands the problem, designs the program to treat the problem as well as the rest of the body. Great job. I highly recommend Katie and Transitions PT!

- Glenn Rodgers

I appreciated the time Dr. John took to listen to all of my issues and questions in order to tailor exercises to target my needs.  I feel great and can’t wait to get back into running pain free!

- Alissa Wilson


Great personality, listens to your problem.

– Frank Naef


John provided progressive and comprehensive therapy for me holistically and repaired my shoulder specifically.  Thanks John.

- Diane Rodgers


It was a pleasure to work with the whole team at Transitions Physical Therapy. –Ramiza Peco

I was impressed with the insightfulness of my evaluation.  It was a different perspective than I have experienced before and it was a very helpful treatment.  My knees feel much better.

- Holly Catlin


Very dedicated to my well being.  Feel like a new person.  I will miss you Helix!

– Patrick Lancour


I made great improvements in my mobility while at Transitions.  I especially liked the therapist’s way of explaining what I should feel during the exercise in each muscle so I knew I was doing it properly.

- Catherine Putzier


The staff helped me tremendously with my knee pain.  They got me back in great shape and back onto the soccer field!

- Nick Hasenecz

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