What hurts?          

Yeah, we know how to treat that.

Our specialized training in understanding why YOU have pain goes way beyond a typical stretch, strengthen, and modality based program. We will address YOUR acute pain and the underlying problems that caused the pain. In addition, we will educate you on how to make long term improvements to minimize the recurrence of the pain by treating your altered mechanics.
Please explore the links below to see some of the common causes of pain that are often over looked in a traditional orthopedic assessment.

Please click on a dot to see how altered neuromechanics influences your pain

Neck pain

Shoulder Pain and post surgery care

    Elbow Pain

Back pain 

Hip Pain and post surgery care

Knee pain and post surgery care 

Ankle pain , foot pain,

and post surgery care

 Sacroilliac pain



Pelvic Floor

Evidence for the Neuromechanical approach