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You Deserve a Specialist

I am frequently asked by new patients and casual acquaintances, “what makes your approach unique and constitutes being a specialist versus a regular PT, chiropractor, or trainer. Aren’t you all the same?” The answer is no and for a variety of reasons. The easiest answer is that we see the body as a whole system. While this is a simplistic delineation, when explored, the difference helps explain the benefits of seeing a specialist.

While many other clinicians also see the whole body, it is limited to a biomechanical approach that tends to only focus on the area that hurts, a joint, modalities, or soft tissue. This takes the form of anti-inflammatories, stretching, laser, needling, strengthening, adjustments, mobilizations, and the like. These tend to be mechanical solutions for neurologic deficits, which ends up treating the symptoms versus the problem. In contrast, we see the body as a whole from a neuro-mechanical approach which encompasses the mechanical view but goes well beyond to include sensory integration, postural control, autonomics, positioning, patterning, and ultimately control in each of the 3 cardinal planes of motion.

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