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The Current Orthopedic Model is Broken

Welcome to the Orthopedic Revolution!

We have set out to change the orthopedic model. Our current orthopedic care model is broken as it is an industry that is somewhat blind to the patho-genesis of many of the diagnoses that we use to identify a clinical presentation. While a diagnosis is valuable, such as tendonitis or arthritis, to help guide treatment, it rarely answers the question why that process is occurring. "Why" is the single most important question that should be answered. "Why" should drive treatment not just pain and function. When treatment is absent of "why," our outcomes are limited. Literature shows us that if pain and function are our predominate benchmarks the "why" comes back. We know this to be true as the number one risk factor of getting injured is a prior injury. This coupled with the fact that those who do seek orthopedic care have staggering recurrence rates.

Something is missing! That something is a postural control and stability model that addresses the "why."

It is our goal, that through conversations in our practice, with our referring providers, within the communities that we practice ,through our articles, and this blog that we can start a movement, The Orthopedic Revolution. Please follow our blog as we post details, thoughts, and conversations about the postural model.

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