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​Performing Arts Physical Therapy

Specialized Therapy

We specialize in understanding and treating musician's and vocal musician's injuries. At Transitions Physical Therapy our clinicians understand that musicians are  highly specialized performers with hours of sustained positions and repetitive movements that can lead to asymmetries, mal-positioning of fingers, arms , shoulders, diaphragms, and back causing discomfort and injury. We apply our clinical expertise in performance medicine, injury management and neuro-mechanics with current performing arts physical medicine to treat musicians for current and potential deficits. 

Tuning your body

Musicianship relies on consistency of movement. Much like the instrument, if the musicians' body is out of tune with poor control, altered positioning of the torso and diaphragm, the consistency of movement will be compromised. This can lead to altered playing, mechanics and injury.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation which includes a full-body assessment and performance observation to identify any structural asymmetries, or positional issues that may lead to 

your body being out of tune with itself. 

Professional Affiliations:

Member of Performing Arts Medical Association (PAMA)

Member of Performing Arts Special Interest Group of the Orthopedic Section of the American Physical Therapy Association  

Performance Affiliations:

Green Mountain Opera Festival

Saint Michael's Playhouse

Vermont Youth Orchestra Association (VYOA)


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