Athletic Performance

Athletics is all about converting potential energy of a load into kinetic energy to perform a sports specific task.

If you don't have frontal plane you don't have game.

Regardless of the sport, there is a need for tri-planer activity and the ability to control transitions in all three planes. Injury results from weakness of one or more planes of motion, usually in the frontal plane. This results in loss or compensation of the ability to reciprocally transition.

No two athletes are alike.

Our performance program screens athletes ​for compensations allowing us to identify an individual's limitations and potential injuries.


Our performance programs are individually designed to improve our athletes stability, strength, power, agility, and speed .

ACL Prevention

Our Tri-planer assessments screen athletes with potential knee and hip stability deficts that make them vulnerable to ACL injuries.
Once deficits are identified, we address strength, timing, and rotational issues to avoid injuries.






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