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Pelvic Health

Better Solutions for the Life You Deserve

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Mother and a Child
Mature Couple Showing Affection
Couple Running
Blond Smiling Woman
Mother and Newborn
Happy family
Three generations of women
Girl Power
Fit Girl
Mother's Kiss
Family Time
Woman Running
Confident Fit Girl
Senior Dance
Family at a Beach
Baby Sleeping
Mature Woman
Happy Family
Girl Enjoying her Drink
Sleeping Baby
Althetic Woman Stretching On A Gym Mat
Woman in the Nature
Sleeping Newborn
Dance Class
Happy Woman
Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink
Happy Couple Hugging
Young woman with grandmother
Grandma with a Sun Hat
Couple Hugging
Woman with Short Hair
Preparing Jams
Baby on a Bed
Smiling Professional Looking Woman
Baby Girl with Soother
Happy Family
Boy with Pug Puppy
Happy Family
Professional Woman's Portrait
Yoga by the Pool
Couple Dancing
Couple with their Baby
Windswept Hair
Newborn Baby
Mother with her Baby
Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair
Sleeping Siblings

We've moved!

Transitions Pelvic Health is now located

at our Essex Junction and Jericho clinics!

"Do you work with...?"
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Tory Wilder DPT
"How is this different? I have been to Pelvic PT before."
Michelin Carroll PT PRC
"What's the science behind it."
Elise Minadeo MSPT
Patty Kohn DPT
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