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Welcome to Transitions PT Virtual Clinic!

 We're pleased to provide you with the same quality healthcare that you receive at Transitions Physical Therapy's physical locations. You'll find on this page everything you'll need to prepare for your telehealth appointment.
We've been doing this since 2012

It's Easy

 1. Contact us and sign up

E-mail us that you are interested

Leave your number. We'll give you a call back and answer any questions you may have including how it works, what insurances cover this service, our out of pocket fees if your insurance does not cover telehealth at this time, and what to expect.

Fill Out The Appropriate Forms

If you are a new patient to Transitions, please follow this link to our patient registration forms. Please print and fill out all of the forms  prior to your visit. If you are just transferring your care to our Virtual Clinic, your current paperwork on file remains in effect.

 2. Accept Our Invitation 

We will send you a link, inviting you to join your PT online in our Virtual Clinic.

We have partnered with MedBridge, a trusted national online exercise platform, for our telehealth appointments. MedBridge may sound familiar to you, it certainly is familiar to us. We have utilized MedBridge and their mobil app MedBridge  Go for years, delivering patient education and video exercise programs. Partnering with MedBridge for our Virtual Clinic means continued quality service for us, as providers and you, our patients. 

How to prepare for your appointment.
  • We will send you a confirmation email reviewing the information discussed at intake.

  • You will be asked to perform a series of movement screens as part of the assessment. You can prepare for this by clicking the link in the confirmation email and watching the movement screens prior to your appointment.

  • We recommend that you choose a space in your home that allows for movement for the screens while also having your device visible for you to interact with your clinician. Please have a sturdy chair available too.

  • You will receive an email invitation 5 minutes prior to the start of your appointment. This will contain a link to our virtual waiting room. You can access our waiting room from your computer or the mobile device of your choice. 

  • Please allow up to 35 minutes for the appointment. 

 3. Change The Way You Move Through Life 

Getting The Most Out Of Your Experience Is Easy.

Physical therapy in any form, needs to change the way you move. We have combined the clinical expertise we are known for with an easy to use mobile app. Our platforms ensure the best outcomes. This makes monitoring your exercises seamless from clinic, to virtual clinic, to home.


All you need to do is stay connected, follow your program, keep in touch with your clinician, and change the way you move through life.



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