Pelvic Floor Rehab & Women's Health Physical Therapy

Pelvic Health is one of the most specialized physical therapy concentrations available. Many people experience problems associated with loss of pelvic floor function, such as incontinence, organ prolapse, sacral pain, low back pain, or painful intimacy. Problems can stem from pregnancy, posture, respiratory compromise, to general functional compensations. These problems most often can not be treated through conventional treatments.


A pelvic floor PT specialist has advanced training to address these problems. As neuromechanical pelvic floor specialists, we understand the pelvic structure and it's positioning. Pelvic positioning, particularly the pelvic inlet and outlet, is crucial to restoring the pelvic floor's structure and appropriate tension, which in turn restores the functional contribution of the pelvic floor to respiration, gait, and GI function. At Transitions, we often see patients who have not had symptoms resolve with traditional treatments. Please make an appointment today to start YOUR transition.



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